Tranquil Ayu

Life is precious yet fragile, it flows into mysterious destinies no-one really knows. Tranquil Ayu is all about exploring life accepting it’s ups and downs and striving on, taking healthy steps.

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I thought it was the end.

27.05.2000; 1.00a.m I looked at her red eyes burning like fireballs, visible through ebony hair falling over her face. Her inhuman smile stretched wider across her pale face. I felt no fear. My duty was completed. 12.05.2000; 10.24a.m “Inspector Ian! I didn’t expect to see you here as the case is concluded,” She sounded surprised. But she greeted me with a warm smile. I smiled back.“Hello, Miss Fernandez. I need to talk with you about Thompson.”I thought […]


The little boy was a bundle of energy; he ran while kicking the ball skillfully. He was really good for his age. She ran after him. Her jet black, curly hair bouncing behind her in a ponytail with her emerald eyes shining brighter in the sunlight and her face red with exertion. She was laughing […]

Dark and Light

I attended her funeral. I noticed her peaceful face, her atrophied hands and legs due to nineteen years of disuse. Her former husband was sitting in a coner with swallen eyes and puffed face, his wife patting his hand. “Where’s her son?” I asked her mother. “He will come back when they are gone, ” […]

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